What Does It Mean When You Can’t See Someone’s Snap Score

Can't See Someone's Snap Score? Here's Why (Even Though You're Still Friends)?

What Does It Mean When You Can’t See Someone’s Snap Score

If you cannot see someone’s Snapchat score, and you’re confident you’re close to them, they’re likely to block your account. Try sending them a message and then see if it is sent or remains pending. If it’s pending, it’s a good indicator that they’ve blocked you.

What Is The Next Step If You Still Need To Get The Score Of Your Snaps On Snapchat?

What Is The Next Step If You Still Need To Get The Score Of Your Snaps On Snapchat?

The reasons you don’t see your Snap Score Let’s quickly go over the basics of what Snap Score can be about. Your Snap Score is the sum of various factors, such as the number of snaps you’ve received, sent stories, accepted, and other factors. It’s a measure of your activity and engagement levels on the platform. Many users check their Snap Score to evaluate their social media profiles and connections. If you suddenly notice that you’ve lost your Snap Score not showing, It’s normal to wonder why.

1. Technical Glitches or Updates

Like every similar app is prone to glitches in technology and updates, which can disrupt its functions. Sometimes, these bugs could cause temporary inconsistencies. This includes the inability to view Snap Score. Snap Score. Be careful not to make rash conclusions when you don’t see the Snap Score right away because it could result from an unimportant glitch that Snapchat’s team is trying to fix.

2. Privacy Settings

Snapchat provides users with various privacy settings to regulate who can access the content they share and how users interact with the content. If you’ve altered your settings to limit those who can view the content of your Snap Score, only a small number of your friends may be able to view the score. Check your privacy settings to make sure you’re able to ensure that the Snap Score will be visible to the intended public.

3. Account Inactivity

Snapchat offers active users greater Snap Scores. If you’ve not been active on the app for a long time, your Snap Score might be soon apparent. This tactic motivates users to participate more often in the application. To regain the Snap Score, you should post snaps or share stories and engage with your friends.

4. Snapchat Penalties

Snapchat provides guidelines for its community which users are required to follow. Infractions of these rules could lead to consequences, such as temporarily suspending some features, like displaying the Snap Score. If you believe your actions on the platform might have resulted in a sanction, review your guidelines before making adjustments to allow accessibility to the Snap Score.

5. Network Connectivity Issues

Snapchat requires a reliable internet connection for proper operation. Suppose you’re having problems with your network connection, which could impact your Snap Score’s live presentation. Be sure to have a reliable and stable internet connection to avoid interruptions while using the application.

6. How to Address the Issue

If you are in a situation where you’re Snap Score is not as high, There are a few steps you can follow to correct the issue:

  • Check for updates: Ensure you have the most recent version of Snapchat. Snapchat application downloaded on your phone. Updates usually include fixes for bugs and improvements that can resolve the issue.
  • Review Privacy Settings: Review the privacy setting to ensure you can ensure that the Snap Score is visible to the intended audience. Modify the settings as required.
  • Keep active: To improve the Snap Score, be active on Snaps by posting snaps, sending snaps stories, and engaging with the content of your friends.
  • Contact Support: If none of these steps work, you should consider contacting Snapchat’s customer service for help. They will be able to provide you with specific advice depending on the situation.

What Can You Do To Determine The User’s Snap Score?

What can you do to determine the user's snap score?

It is only possible to determine the user’s Snap Score if they’re your acquaintance on Snapchat. To find out if a person has a Snap Score, you must take these steps

  1. Start your Snapchat app.
  2. Click on the “Chat” icon at the lower right of the page.
  3. Find the person with whose Snap Score you wish to verify.
  4. Click on the Bitmoji or profile image.
  5. They will be able to see their Snap Score can be seen under their username.

If you do not notice the Snap Score beneath the user’s username, that means they do not have a Snapchat account or have blocked you.

Here are a few additional points to remember about Snap Scores:

  • Snap Scores can be calculated using adding the amount of Snaps you send and the number of Snaps you receive.
  • You won’t be able to see your personal Snap Score until you open the app via the profile of a friend.
  • Snap Scores aren’t visible to those who aren’t your close friends.
  • You can’t change your Snap Score.

What Can You Tell Whether A Snapchat Person Is In Active Use?

What can you tell whether a Snapchat person is in active use?

Snapchat provides a range of status icons that provide useful information on the activities of a user. These icons provide crucial indicators that can help you determine whether an individual is engaging with the app or not. Let’s take a review of some most important status icons and what they mean:

1. Blue Chat Bubble

If you see an orange chat bubble beside the user’s name, It’s a clear indication that they’re in the online world and are actively using the application. This indicates that the user is online for chats in real-time which makes it a perfect occasion to have an engaging conversation.

2. Hourglass Emoji

The hourglass emoji can be an unobtrusive and significant indicator that the person you’re communicating with is participating in a “Snapstreak.” A Snapstreak is when you and another person swap snaps over a period of time. The hourglass symbol signifies it is set to end, prompting you to take a photo and keep the streak running.

3. Recent Activity Timestamp

Snapchat also gives a precise time-stamp of the user’s most recent actions. This feature can tell you the last time a user was active on the app. If you’re wondering if your friend was recently active, a lookup of the time stamp can give you valuable information.

4. Navigating the Story Views: Unveiling Engagement

In addition to individual chats, Snapchat’s Stories feature provides insight into the user’s activities in a larger sense. When you look at a person’s story, you’re basically looking into their past activities and experience. Here’s what you should be aware of:

5. Story Views

The number of times people have viewed the story of a user is an indicator of how many people have been engaged by their content. More views indicate higher involvement and levels of activity, and higher views could be a sign of a less active online presence.

6. Who Viewed Your Story

Snapchat also has the ability to view who has seen their stories. If you’re trying to determine the degree of interaction a person has with your post, this function will reveal the people who are actively consuming your posts.

Snap Map is a distinctive feature of Snapchat that lets you track engagement to a new level. With the ability for users to share their location in real-time and see the locations of their social media friends, Snap Map offers an intriguing insight into the user’s activity and relationships.

7. Location Sharing

When users share their location via Snap Map, it’s an indicator of their ongoing presence on the application. This feature doesn’t just show their involvement, but also gives an opportunity to meet up in a spontaneous manner and connections.

Unveiling Snap Spectacles Activity

Snap Spectacles are glasses that come with cameras that allow users to snap and share their snaps effortlessly. Knowing the indicators of activity related to Snap Spectacles can shed light on the tech skills of a user and their interest in interactive content.

Spectacles’ Recording Light

The light that records that is visible on Snap Spectacles indicates when a user is recording photos. If you see anyone in Snap Spectacles while the light for recording is lit, you’ll know that they’re the moment, adding an additional dimension to their level of engagement.


Why can’t I see someone’s Snapchat score?

If you can’t see their score, they might have privacy settings that restrict the visibility of their score.

Can someone hide their Snapchat score?

Yes, users can choose to hide their Snapchat scores from others in their privacy settings.

Does this mean I’ve been blocked?

Not necessarily. Blocked users usually can’t see anything from the person who blocked them, including their score.

Can I still send messages to someone whose score I can’t see?

You can still send messages, but their response might depend on their communication preferences.

Does their privacy setting affect only their score?

Privacy settings can affect various aspects of their Snapchat profile, including their score, story, and more.

Is there a way to request to see their score?

No, Snapchat doesn’t provide a feature to request or view someone’s score if they’ve chosen to hide it.

Should I be concerned if I can’t see their score?

It’s usually a personal choice to hide scores, and it might not indicate any specific issue.


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